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Awesome flashback

This does bring back memories. But I do miss being able to add in my own calculations. Thanks

This Takes Me Back

Thanks for making this. I remember playing this on my PC back in the 80s.

Totally Awesome

I love it. Stays true to the original MS Dos game, but evolves it just enough to make it engaging and fresh. Thank you for creating this!!

No typing in numbers?

I wish you could type in angle and velocity like the original. It was educational and fun.

Reminiscent of my QBasic Days

Live the graphic update - compared to the original.


Loved the game until I could no longer play against a friend over wifi or a friend using my phone. It "X"ed out both options for some reason. Deleting app..suggest rest do the same!!!

I'm lovin' it!

I have to admit that I'm not exactly new at this game. I had it on my computer way back in the DOS days. But I gotta tell you, I LOVE it! If you like taking turns to launch explosives at each other, you'll love these gorillas standing on buildings throwing explosive bananas at each other!

Unusable and unstable

Internet version unstable to the point of being unusable. Substantially less fun and intuitive than original game. Overall a disappointing waste of time.

Fun game!

Fun and addicting for those of us that enjoy trying to calculate the correct trajectory more than intensely good graphics. Always time for just ONE more round!

Finally iPad support!

Seriously the one thing that's been missing.

No good

The use of screen tapping makes certain shots actually impossible. It looks good, but the game play is really ruined by this glitch.


Personally, I'd like to see an option where you type in the angle and velocity

Just like the old computer game

It is a great game and well worth 99 cents. I remember playing it as a kid in dosshell operating system on the old computers. Very well done and when u buy it you get two player modes. So glad someone made this game!


Great game. Used to play this all the time when I was a kid. The new feel is cool. I like the utilization of the iPhone's features. One gripe: Please add an option to play with the angles and speeds (i.e. Inputting numerical values to direct the throw). That's how I originally played it. Again, like the fresh version, but please add the numerical-input option! Still gets 5 stars from me. UPDATE: realize the angles and speeds are posted as you aim and thats great. Would still like the option to input numbers as well. Thanks


I think this is a great game very entertaing! It crashed on me a couple of times but nothing to problematic. I would give it 5 stars if it had wi-fi multiplayer!

Very enjoyable

I really enjoy this game. The controls are easy to use and the game play always leaves you with "I can play one more round.". The graphics are rather basic, as was the original game, but by adding the different weather conditions, it gives it a refreshed feel. The settings menu allows you to tweak the game, much like you would the original. You can also change the buildings and even the characters. As you go on, it becomes more taxing, but not to the point of the game losing it's "fun value.". I would like to see the old numerical aiming return as an option, but the touch method does work nicely with keeping up with this device. The vibrate feature adds to the overall game play, at the cost of battery life, but can be disabled. If you liked the original gorillas, then I highly recommend this. I feel it was money well spent and appreciate the time and effort that went into not only porting this to the iPhone/Touch, but adding new features to allow this older game come to life.


Y didn't it post


I remember Playing this game with my dad when I was little. Fun game probly worth a little less. (.99) but still a fun game.

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